Coffee shop full of beans for campaign to buy local

Ian Cukrowski at his shop MacBeans.

An independent coffee and tea shop in Aberdeen has signed up to the Buy North-East Campaign.

MacBeans, which opened in Aberdeen more than 20 years ago, has pledged to support the campaign and says buying locally is the key to having a strong economy.

So far, more than 230 businesses from across the region have signed up to the Buy North-East Campaign, which is being led by Aberdeen and Grampian Chamber of Commerce, Aberdeen City Council and Aberdeenshire Council – as well as the Evening Express, Press and Journal and Scottish Enterprise.

Ian Cukrowski, owner of MacBeans, said: “I think this is a great campaign and one I hope people in the North-east really think about where they buy their stuff from.

“If I can buy things locally for my shop then I do, clearly there are things you have to look abroad for but where you can buy locally you should.

“I find it the case that when you buy things from outwith the area they are actually more expensive than here in the North-east, which is another great reason to buy locally.”

MacBeans has been on Little Belmont Street since 1989 and Ian says it is brilliant when local cafes and restaurants buy from him as it keeps the money in the North-east.

He said: “Although times are tough at the moment, people still want an affordable luxury and sometimes the best bargains are on your doorstep.

“We have two great universities in Aberdeen and so many of the students who leave still want to buy our coffees and teas online.

“The great thing about buying locally is that people remember the service you give to them.

“A campaign like this makes people think about buying local and I hope this campaign will remind people about some of the independent shops in the North-east.”

All firms need to do is pledge support by putting Buy North-East on their next board agenda, then move at least one contract or piece of business to a local supplier.